Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Just wanted you to know I'm pretty busy at this moment (that's why I'm not posting often here).

I finished my exams, and have some good expectations about them, but I'll wait until I've got the final qualifications to let you know.

However, I'm busier than before, because I've took back an old project I really want to see finished. Started it from zero this time, just to start developing it as a serious project deserves. As soon as I have some things working I'll post images/videos here so you understand why I'm this busy :P

As a sneak-peek, this is the result of a proof-of-concept shot after some research regarding fog:

Understand this project means a lot, and I want to tell such a lot of things through it... I simply want this to be done; it's one of my life goals!


Steve said...

Nice! Is that a similar technique to DOF, or something else?

Jesús Alonso said...

Mostly, though easier in some way. The point is to render the depth map using a render texture and a "DepthMap" material scheme. Then you can take the depthmap as a reference for the amount of fog between the eye and the object, and use it to calculate the scattering (just adjusting the alpha of the blurred scene in a different render texture). Nothing spectacular, that also has some artifacts, but I think it works pretty fine :) Would like to find some time to add this filter to Caelum once I work this a little further...